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It's official.... Hell has frozen over

For those people who don't follow on Facebook, I got married a little while ago :)
Who knew I'd ever lose my mind to such an extent :)

I'm rarely here these days, so if anyone wants to add me on FB, please leave me a message with how to get hold of you there :)

Alternatively, like my photography page :)

the wedding march

I am wondering why my beloved bride to be doesn't like my idea of having this march played at our wedding as she walks down the ailse


What do you mean, that's not the wedding march? ;)

It's been a long time, hasn't it

Has anyone even noticed it's been a long time since I posted? :)

Lots of things have happened, life has gotten in the way, and these days I'm more likely to be found on facebook. So if you have an FB account, and I haven't added you there, let me know what it is and I'll add you.

In other news, I was made redundant from work. You'd have though from what's happened in the past that they'd know better than to piss me off, but no. They're in violation of the Disability Discrimination Act, and the shitstorm is about to commence. This is a company that's in it's final death throws I think. What else would you call a company where they make the directors P.A. redundant?
Once all the legal stuff is out of the way I will name and shame, and talk more about this.

It did mean I had to leave my lovely flat tho :(
I was devestated about that. I'd lived there for 2 years and enjoyed every minute of it. It was the first place than I ever felt 'at home' that wasn't the family home. I'm a country boy, and it was the ideal place for me. Quiet, lots of wildlife, beatiful views. Another reason to hate the place I worked.

But I have a new job, working for TNT, and I'm enjoying it. It seems like a company that looks after it's employees, and the people I'm working with are nice people, which always helps. It's a lot less money, and I'm now working in the midlands (spits) but it's a job, with a future.

And lastly,
Remember remember the 5th of November
Gunpowder, weddings, and plot
I see no reason why the wedding of the season
Should ere be forgot.

Yes, your friendly, neighbourhood Noir is getting hitched.
Shocked? I know I am... I have no idea what came over me, but there you go.


Depression, or the art of being moody

Today I am content.

I have been off work for almost a month now with stress and depression. It had gotten to the stage where I was aggressive and confrontational with some of the management at work, and also with those I care for.
For those of you I care for, and have felt the sharp end of my emotions the past few years, I cannot apologise enough.
For the management, I do not regret anything I said. You're useless. I do regret not putting things more tactfully tho.

I've put the missus through so much, and yet she still loves me. I have no idea why, but am incredibly grateful she stuck with me.

But today I am content.
I am much more comfortable in life. This break has been just what the doctor ordered... literally :)
I am on anti depressants that work, unlike the citalopram I was on last time.

I am content
I am losing weight and getting fitter. One of the side effects of the anti depressants is suppressing the appetite.
I am currently walking between 30-60 mins a day.
And I am starting to take a pride in my appearance.

I am not good
I am not well. Far from it
But I am getting better. It's such a cliche, but one step, one day at a time.
If I fall, it's not the end of the world. I just pick myself up, and carry on.

I am getting there
Depression is an illness I've suffered for years, and yet up til recently I've always been a 'get over it and get on with' kind of guy. Not usefully really.

I am ill.
But I am getting better.

I am amazing
I am not happy with myself
I am happy with what I am on the way to becoming.
I am amazed at what I've achieved so far, and the potential I have yet to, but can now see.

I am messed up
For such a long time, my decision making was getting worse
But after this break, I feel I can take on anything
But not too quickly if that's ok :)

I am depressed
But it's nothing to be ashamed of, or hidden
We depressives shouldn't be afraid to shout it out
We are not different, we are not freaks, we are not monsters
We are ill.

I am David
I am a depressive
I am ill
I am getting better
I will not longer be a victim
I am just like you
I am amazing
I can do anything

And so can you


Questions of the day

One interesting question of the day came up recently.
Could you ever be good friends with someone who hunted purely for sport?

It's an easy answer, but that answer brings on other questions.

The easy answer is no, not just for sport. On the other hand, if it was for food, then yes.

Vegetarians / Vegans should probably look away now.

I find it depressing that a lot of people these days just seem to have no concept of where food comes from in general, and meat in particular. Surveys suggest that some kids (more townies / city folk rather than us country bumpkins) have no idea at all that beef comes from cows, lamb from sheep etc. Maybe they just think it's made in a factory somewhere, like a mars bar and then served up on polystyrene.
That is quite sad, and an indictment on our education system, and the parents.

I am quite the carnivore. For me, a meal isn't a meal unless it contains meat of some description, and I make no apologies for it. I'm capable of making very tasty vegetarian / vegan meals, and have done so when I've had veggie friends over. It becomes a lot harder when those vegetablists don't like mushrooms but I like a challenege.
However, I am well aware that the rabbit pie I had was once thumper, and that the venison steak I had was once bambi. I'm also capable of killing and preparing the meat as well tho I confess my experience in that is limited to chickens and rabbits.

I have friends who won't eat anything if it looks like it was once alive. Am I wrong in thinking those people hypocritical?

If I ever came to power, one of the things I would introduce that anyone who can't handle the fact that meat comes from animals would be limited to Quorn substitute and Bernard Matthews products. They both have about the same amount of meat in them.


Ding dong, the witch is dead

So Gordon Brown has resigned, and we have a new Prime Minister, and a new government.
And not a moment too soon.

So now that it's all over, it time to come clean.
I'm not quite the raving fascist some people think me to be. My own politics are probably somewhere between Conservative and Liberal. So I am pleased with th Con / Lib alliance.

I think that the Lib Dems have probably the best policies on Education of the three main parties. And increasing the threashold for income tax to 10K is a good idea. However, I prefer the conservative ideas on the economy, and I wouldn't let a lib dem anywhere near the defence portfolio. Hopefully this alliance will reinforce the good of both parties, and moderate the bad parts.

I am hopeful this will work.
If it does, just imagine.... maybe that most rare of things that I consider myself to be... the compassionate conservative will become less of an endagered species, and more of a common occurance

So, for the sake of the country Mr Clegg and Mr Cameron, don't f*&^ this up. It's a unique oppertunity.

And something else some people thought they'd never hear me say. It is such a tradegy that John Smith never lived to come to power. I will probably never be a labour supporter, but I truly believe he was an honest and honourable man and that most of the sleaze that gripped the Labour party over the past few years and the spin doctoring that infected it from the moment Tony Blair became leader would never have happened.

Time for new beginnings.


I've been playing with my new-ish macro lens
Some cliched shots for you

Cliched pencil macro

Cliched pencil macro

More shots under the cut. NOT for the squeamish, but if you like close ups of spiders, click awayCollapse )


Today in the UK is election day.
So if you're eligable, go vote!
Doesn't matter about your politics (you should all know mine by now), doesn't matter who you vote for (tho if you vote BNP please remove yourselves from my friends list after you've voted), just vote.

It's important, so make yourself be heard.

This has been a party political broadcast on behalf of the Anti Apathy Party

Karn8 at the Winchester Gate

Went to see Karn8 at the Winchester Gate in Salisbury last week.
They were supported by a couple of bands whose names I can't remember and were forgetable.
Musically they were tight, but I kinda like bands where lyrics are sung, not shouted.

Ye gods I feel old.

Karn8 were the headline band of the night. So tell me why the first two shouty bands had the room packed out, and for Karn8 there were only 10-15 people in the room.

Very disappointed.

If I go to see a band, I at least have the courtesy of watching all of the bands performing.
I guess the two support bands were local ones.

Anyway, Karn8 were bloody good. Kirst prowled the stage like some deranged sex minx, Bones is a veritable guitar god, and Leigh bangs the skins like Dave Grohl.



More Karn8 under the cutCollapse )


Captain Jack

I had a photoshoot with a renactment society last weekend
My 2nd paying job in 2 weeks