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For those who tie the knot, we salute you

Or we at least salute your insanity

My friend Charlie got married at the weekend, and asked my to be the photographer.
After trying to persuade them to get a pro in, and after that failed charging what I thought was too much, I ended up being the 'tog.

I'd been bricking it for days before hand.
I always do when going into unknown situations.
In my mind, I'm cool and stoic and unflappable. That's the mental image I have of myself.
In reality, headless chicken is more like it.

The day didn't start off too well. The brides sister was supposed to be doing Charlies and her mothers hair. However, she threw a hissy fit the night before and never turned up. Not a great way to start your wedding day, but Charlie was remarkably calm and collected about it all. And that rubbed off onto me. After that, the rest of the day went without a hitch :)

Here's some photos of the day. I just hope the bride and groom will like them when they're back from honeymoon

Charlie and Allan Wedding 86

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This is outrageous!!!

United Airlines think that it's fine to ignore a disabled persons need for assistance

Even tho I don't know the person this happened to, I am fuming at it. How can one human treat another like this? Let alone a company have a so called 'policy' that basically treats tho who need a little extra help as second class citizens.

I for one don't use United, preferring to use a British carrier when I fly (go Virgin), but this has just reinforced that I will never ever contemplate using United even if they're miles cheaper than anyone else.

Happy zombie jesus day

For all my Christian friends, happy Easter
For all my pagan friends, happy fertility festival
For all my non religious friends, happy goo day, tho maybe that only makes sense to the Brits?
Then again, chocolate worship is a religion, right? :D

so here is some completely non denomiational picspam for you.
Behind the cut because some viewers may finds some scenes disturbing

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Drink up thy zider

And drink it up quick...
The government hates the west country. How else can you explain duty on beer, wine and spirits going up by 2% but duty on cider going up 10%.
How is that justifiable.
And I'd like to point out that I don't drink, I just think that's outrageous.

Sooner these thieves are out of power, the better
After coming back from my parents this weekend feeling quite sorry for myself.
I've arrived back at the flat, and just get off my bike and taken my helmet off.

A red kite swoops not 3 feet above my head and grabs some of the food my landlord had just put out for them and flies off.
3 feet above my head!!!!!!!!!
The red kite has a 5-6 foot wingspan (150-180cm for those working in new money)
THREE FEET!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sometimes mother nature just likes to remind you that there's always something very special out there, for which I love her :D

And I'd just like to say how much I've appreciated all the comments people have made on my last couple of bad news posts. It makes it easier when I know there are people out there thinking of me. Thank you all.

Mothers Day

Today is mothers day, at least in the UK
Today is a hard day. It's the first mothers day without mum.
I shall be taking flowers to the grave (or giving her a new haircut as my dad calls it)

Those of you whose mothers are still with you, spend time with them.
Let them know how much you care because one day you won't be able to :(

I miss you mum.

And on a lighter note, I do love how in the UK, mothers day really is 9 months after fathers day :)

picspam - appleford

At the moment, I am a very lucky chap in where I live.
As some of you know I used to live in Salisbury and had to move for work.
Where I moved to in Didcot was vile. It hit me being away from Salisbury, and compounded by being a mould ridden dark house.
8 months ago I moved to the country. I managed to find a little flat to rent in a lovely part of the country, a flat full of light in a village called Appleford.

Take a look around my village :)

This was seen over my kitchen. Isn't it magnificent?

Common Buzzard

didcot power station at sunset

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Picspam - Fireworks in Salisbury

I've always loved fireworks... appeals to the pyromaniac / scientist in me.
When I was at school, we made our own fireworks in chemistry A level classes. Somehow I can't see that happening with todays elf and boredom... erm I mean safety regs.
Hell, I still remember being shown how to make a barometer in our first year, with mercury.
Yes... I AM that old.
I was hoping to take some nice photos of the Guy Fawkes night fireworks going off behind Salisbury catherdral. I think I was too close tho. Still, I'll know better for next year


Salisbury Cathedral

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Picspam - Oxford

If I could go back in time, one of the places I'd like to go is back to Oxford in the 50's and 60's and shoot the town planners.
Whoever thought that putting concrete monstrosities next to beautiful 16th century buildings needed to be shot. Oxford is full of jarring things like that. Modernism and brutalism are in general ugly. Architecture should be life enhancing, should be beautiful.
In the past, people understood this. Now it's function over form.
But thankfully there are still beautiful parts of Oxford around.

Is this irony or ironmongery
Irony or Ironmonery

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I've a few photo posts to catch up on
Say hello to Jilli

Jilli 1

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