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I was lucky enough to get tix to see an Eddie Izzard work in progress gig last week. It was at the arts theatre, which is a pretty small place, and much better for hosting comedy than wemley arena.
Joining me on this adventure were my usual partners in Eddie, Dan & Jon, and Lizzie, who had her Eddie Cherry popped.

Evening started with some good food, courtesy of the Chinese Experience on Shaftesbury avenue. Highly recommended to anyone who likes Chinese food in london. Excellently priced as well. There were some interesting (read bizarre) looking selections on the menu. Dan recommended the Strawberry Spare Ribs but as it happened, we went for the set menus. The dessert was interesting (again, read bizarre) .... Deep Fried Crispy Milk :)
Was pretty nice too.

Sooooooooooooo, yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

Well, what can I say. Eddie was FANTASTICO. I honestly thought the last couple of tours weren't that good. Maybe it's because they were in huge arenas, maybe he had a couple of off years. But WOW. I haven't laughed so much in years. A real return to form. Some old material in there with a twist. You couldn't predict that pig. Some fantastic new material

Blaspheme..... Blaspheyou.... Blaspheverybody.
There was even a sing along to The Bare Necessities from Jungle Book, and the theme from The Flintstones.

Audience, meet Eddies palm.... Palm, meet the audience.

And did you know that the first draught of Darwins 'Origin Of The Species' was called 'You're A F*&%ing Monkey, Mate'?????
True story :)

All in all, a top nights entertainment

Say hello to Eddie everyone :)

Erm.... hello
Eddie Izzard V

Eddie Izzard II

.... and you can F*&% OFF
Eddie Izzard IV


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Jul. 10th, 2007 04:00 pm (UTC)
oh so jealous! I could have used a busted gut yesterday...
though I must say yesterday brought some interesting things.
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